We have been privileged to carry out many projects

Internal corrosion monitoring contract of Kuwait oilfields

Internal Corrosion Monitoring of Land and Swamp Areas

Construction Of Oredo N Flowlines And Hook-up Of Oredo 9 Flowline In Oml 111

Sacrificial Anode Installation For Opuama F/S , Well (1t) & Well 3 (L/S)

Procurement, Engineering, Mobilization, Installation of Anodes, Test Stations, testing and Commissioning

Cathodic Protection Monitoring using CIPS & DCVG on NLNG Pipelines

Piping integrity checks in fuels area 2 and VDU-2 during Turn Around Maintenance TAM

UTM, MT and Dye Penetrant test

Hot tap for the Installation of DRA Injection Point @ Kwale Gas Station

Procurement, Mobilization, Fabrication of Short piece, NDT, Hot Tap. Commissioning

Supply and Installation of Cathodic Protection System for hookup to existing flow lines