About Us


FARWEST ENERGY SERVICES LIMITED (FESL) is a company incorporated in Nigeria with registration No RC 1559788 and 100% local content.

  From a mere qualified procurement supplier to Advanced Oilfield chemical/ NDT services, FARWEST is metamorphosing into a renowned Pipeline/Pressure vessels integrity management, Corrosion management plans and operations, Flow lines/ Structural Fabrications. From a stockiest and supplier of foreign goods sourced locally to a major supplier of foreign based goods sourced abroad.  

Our primary objective is to provide quality and cost effective service whilst at the same time ensuring safety and preservation of the environment where we carry out our job activities.

We intend to position ourselves as premier niche participants in the West African offshore/onshore Oil and Gas industry. To achieve our aspirations we strive to meet and exceed industry performance benchmarks while remaining true to our values.

Core Values

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  • Quality and Integrity.
  • Ethical and lawful conduct of business.
  • Safety and preservation of the environment
  • Client satisfaction
  • Sustain growth, expansion and Development training
  • Excellent treatment of our most important resource (Employees)
  • Support public and community projects.


  • To keep our performance on track we have developed and implemented sound management control systems and policies throughout the company.
  • A quality management system modeled on ISO 9001 standard, which ensures that we stay focused and meet customer requirement.
  • A comprehensive code of business ethics and conduct that governs all activities.
  • Environmental protections plan that spells out the company’s commitments and approach to environmental stewardship and compliance on all projects.
  • A financial accounting system approved and audited by the federal Inland Revenue service.
  • An employee performance appraisal system that emphasizes transparency and accountability.